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I found it very easy to read and understand. It was easy to access the information I
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I Need Life Insurance, But My Health Is Poor

Welcome to the unpredictable world of impaired risk underwriting.

If your health is poor, you're at the right page. Why? Most in this category have applied to the well-known companies we see on television. After getting the "run around" for two or three months, they received an outrageous offer or an outright declination. Their agent said, "I'm sorry", and that was that.

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After that experience, most stopped shopping, assuming they were priced out of the marketplace or just uninsurable. The problem with this scenario is that many big companies (and agents) don't want to work with impaired risks because it's a lot of extra work. More important, though, they don't understand the underwriting process for such specialized cases. The better known companies prefer those in excellent health. They are not the companies you should be looking at.

We can't promise miracles, but generally we see the best offers from highly rated smaller companies. These are specialty companies (most of them, you've never heard of) that have the same financial stability, as the larger ones, but are smaller in terms of assets. They avoid competing with the major carriers for the best risks but have carved out a particular niche. This is especially true in heart or diabetes cases and those with cancer histories. Impaired risk underwriting, properly done, can be very profitable for a company. As an applicant, you just need to know who are the right companies for your condition. This is where an experienced broker, licensed in your state, comes in.

If your health is poor, AmericaQuote can "shop" your condition with several companies. A number of companies specialize in specific health conditions. It has been our experience that one company, despite extremely high premiums from another, has offered applicants “Standard” rates.

In this arena, anything can happen. This is by far the least predictable area in life underwriting. First, review who qualifies as a Preferred or Standard risk. Go through our site to get a better feel for what type of product you desire. If you think you are a substandard or impaired risk, give us a call. You have nothing to lose. Even if we are unsuccessful, there are always "Guarantee Issue" plans available.

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