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My Guarantee To You

First, thanks for stopping by. If you want an immediate life insurance quote, click here: "instant life insurance quote". If you want to learn how to find the lowest-priced policy for your situation, stick around, because I am offering a guarantee. That guarantee is below.

Prior to the internet, shopping for term life insurance or any type of life insurance was difficult and bewildering at best. It meant finding the phone book and start dialing. With every call you made, someone would want to come out and see you in person. They would bring a stack of papers for review; and hopefully, in that pile, would be the best policy for you. If that didn't work, you called someone else and repeated the process. In frustration, many gave up. If you bought a policy, you never really knew if it was the least-expensive contract for your needs.

For that reason, I founded AmericaQuote in 1996. Now in our 11th year, AmericaQuote is the oldest interactive life insurance web site on the east coast. We were selling life insurance on the Internet before most people even knew what the Internet was. Back then, there were only two other companies offering instant online quotes. Today there are thousands. We prospered through the dot com bust for two reasons - education and full disclosure.

This brings me to my guarantee. If you read the associated links on this site, you will know more about the process of buying life insurance than 99% of the public. We've even had agents write us saying they learned something new. In my over 30 years in the industry, I have been asked almost every conceivable question on the subject. Most of the answers are on this site.

A 1997 viewer put it this way:

Dear AmericaQuote,

I am very impressed by the content of your Web-site. I have learned more about term-life insurance in the last few days through you than I have in the last eight years through my potentially soon-to-be-ex-broker!! I commend you for the excellent viewpoints you present and the thoroughness with which it is presented. I will definitely recommend your site to others who are also looking for information on term life insurance.

Sincerely - E.J., California

So if you want to learn something before you buy, you're in the right place. Buying life insurance is not rocket science, but there is information here that can save you thousands of dollars and a lot of frustration. Consider AmericaQuote as your roadmap to avoid the potholes.

Feel free to gather information and get an "instant life insurance quote". I suggest you start with the first link. Look in the upper left hand corner of this page. It's titled "Start Here" and proceed. This is the "AmericaQuote Cram Course On Life Insurance." Each page will progress to the next. All the links are available on each page.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? 1-800-542-5530

Thanks again for your interest in AmericaQuote. I look forward to talking with you soon.

Dave Frucella

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