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Viewer comment - From Colorado...
Isn't it strange how I was paying 4 times more for old policies than I could get for a new policy, same
face value. Makes me pretty mad that I wasn't notified by my agent of the potential savings. Grrrrrr!...

15 minutes - 15% , 15%?

Here on the east coast, Geico runs cleaver ads for their car insurance. Their slogan is "Give us 15 minutes - 15% and we maybe able to save you 15% on your car insurance."

We should run an ad saying give us 5 minutes and we may be able to save you 75% on your life insurance. The person that wrote the comment listed at the top of this page might agree. I say this because we get calls all the time from viewers who ask the same question, "Why are your rates so much lower than what I'm paying. It looks too good to be true." In many cases, they are paying 4-5 more than what's available today. I then ask, "When did you last shop for life insurance." The response is usually seven to ten or more years ago.

Most buy policies, stick them in the drawer and forget about them. Life insurance needs to be shopped every few years. Rates have been falling due to people living longer.

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